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Cheap Jerseys China.We’ll have to take Montgomery’s word for it; there are no records of what he did as a 9-year-old running back in a Pop Warner exhibition at halftime of what turned out to be a historic game between the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks.Cheap Jerseys From China . In the fourth quarter of that contest, with an 11-yard run over left guard, Smith broke Walter Payton’s career rushing record of 16,726. Smith, who ran for 109 yards and a touchdown that day, still holds the NFL mark with 18,355 career rushing yards.Montgomery grew up watching videotapes of Payton, Jim Brown and Earl Campbell thanks to his mother’s keen interest in sports, but Smith was one of his first heroes he actually saw play in person. Montgomery made a few trips as a kid to Texas Stadium, where he helped sell hot dogs at a concession stand.“I remember, specifically up to this day, I remember having a dream of playing running back in Texas Stadium,” Montgomery said.Authentic Football Jerseys .


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